4 Ways A Cloud PBX Systems Improves Company Workflow

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As businesses grow, phone systems become an essential part of employee and client communications. One option to choose is a cloud PBX system. Also known as a "Private Branch Exchange", the cloud-based technology hosts all of the phone servers and connections through a secure high-speed internet connection.

Learn about the ways a cloud PBX system can improve company workflow and eliminate a lot of the hassles associated with traditional phones.

1. Detailed Directories

When someone calls your business, the last thing they want to worry about is going around in circles to figure out which party to connect to. A cloud PBX system offers easy access to different parties and can even use search-based technology to reach someone specific in the business.

To help avoid frivolous calls, the system can be set up to feed directly to assistants and special voicemail boxes as well. The organization makes it easy to continue a flow of calls and prevent frustrations on both ends of the line.

2. Instant Changes

Companies constantly change as employees are hired, move up in the chain of command, or lose their job altogether. A cloud PBX system allows instant changes to the call flow. For example, if someone changes offices or gets a promotion, they do not need to disconnect their phone system and reconfigure everything manually.

The digital call flow software built into a cloud PBX system gives you the option to instantly switch phone assignments and rework the call tree for your business. If someone leaves the company, they will be instantly removed and callers will no longer hear their name listed as part of the directory.

3. Upgrades and Repairs

Because a majority of the phone features are handled in the cloud, your company does not have to worry about upgrades or repairs. If something needs an upgrade or major change, the cloud PBX software will automatically update through the cloud. You do not need to wait for a repair service to physically come to the office.

4. App Connections

Not only does a cloud PBX system work with traditional office phones, but employees can connect through apps on portable devices as well. Employees can separate business calls and personal calls and keep everything on a single device with the app connections.

The app connections help with employees who are on the go and allows important calls to go through even if the person is not in the office. The app also gives access to voicemails so messages are not delayed or missed.

Improve the flow of your business with an upgrade to a cloud PBX system.


15 September 2020

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