Need To Rent A Projector? Know What Features To Look Out For

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Do you need to rent a projector for short-term use, but you do not know what the differences are between all the projectors out there? It will help to know the basics of projectors so that you can pick the right one for your needs.


A projector is going to display a series of dots that make up the image, which is what is known as the resolution. They're very similar to the pixels of a television, where more pixels in space result in a higher quality image. Knowing what resolution is the bare minimum that you should be looking for will help you find the right projector for your needs. Resolutions can get much higher or lower, and produce much better image quality if you have the right projector.

Contrast Ratio

The contrast ratio is going to be the measurement between the black and white color values on your screen once projected. A high contrast ratio is going to have a higher number, and offer more variety in colors between the black and white colors. This is most noticeable when you are looking at white text projected against a black background since it has the most contrast between the two colors. When you are using a projector for business purposes, the contrast ratio may not be that important because of the basic imagery you are displaying. You'll likely be more focused on contrast ratio when using a projector to display a movie since you want colors to be vivid. 


The lumens help define how bright an image is when it is displayed with a projector. A bigger number of lumens will result in a brighter picture. This is important to consider when you are going to be projecting the image in a bright space since a projector with higher lumens is going to display the image better. You will be fighting against all of the natural light coming in from windows and the artificial light created by overhead lights, so a brighter projector helps make the image look better. 

If you have a projector with low lumens, the image will likely look washed out to others and be hard to see. It's still important when using the projector in a dark room, but you'll know that people can still see the projector image when the lights are off. A projector with higher lumens can still create a better viewing experience. 


23 September 2021

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