3 Reasons To Replace Your Old Alarm System With New Smart Technology


Having an alarm system can enhance your family's peace of mind and create a safer environment at home. But if your home is outfitted with an older alarm system, there are plenty of intriguing reasons to consider replacing it with a system that features smart technology. Here are just a few of the most notable. 1. Get Rid of all Those Wires One good reason to replace your old alarm system with a smart system is to get rid of all the wires that you are currently using.

21 September 2018

Your Legal Practice: Marketing Mistakes


Your client work may be the most important thing for you if you're a lawyer. However, if you're working for yourself now and hope to keep getting those clients you work so hard for, you've got to begin thinking like a legal entrepreneur. In particular, you've got to hone marketing strategies so you have a steady flow of people contacting you who need help. What firm marketing mistakes could you be committing at this moment?

17 August 2018

Tips For Subtle Marketing With Facebook Live Videos


Let's face it. The world of marketing has changed at a rapid pace over a couple of decades since the internet took the world by storm. Online marketing for local businesses continues to change the way people access information changes. One way that you can potentially reach many followers on your Facebook page is doing a live video. Here are subtle ways that you can sue the "live" video feature to get the word out about your brand or product:

15 September 2017