4 Ways A Cloud PBX Systems Improves Company Workflow

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As businesses grow, phone systems become an essential part of employee and client communications. One option to choose is a cloud PBX system. Also known as a "Private Branch Exchange", the cloud-based technology hosts all of the phone servers and connections through a secure high-speed internet connection. Learn about the ways a cloud PBX system can improve company workflow and eliminate a lot of the hassles associated with traditional phones.

15 September 2020

What Is Test Data Manangement, And Why Does It Matter?

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Paying a test data manager service provider to assist a company is an investment in the quality of the process it will use. It's important, however, to understand what TDM is and why you may want to seek out a test data management service. What Is TDM? Suppose you have a system that you wish to test, and it requires a great deal of data for validation. To conduct the tests, you'll need to use dummy data.

27 July 2020