6 Features To Look For In Visual Configuration Software

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Visual configuration software is a tool that's regularly used by salespeople to help customers understand what they're buying. Some folks just need to see it before they get it, and the right visual configuration tool can make a dramatic difference for those customers. Here are 6 features you'll want to look for in a system. 1. Predetermined Models Each potential configuration needs to be available to show on demand. That means your software should have the ability to store and display numerous predetermined configurations.

8 December 2020

4 Ways A Cloud PBX Systems Improves Company Workflow

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As businesses grow, phone systems become an essential part of employee and client communications. One option to choose is a cloud PBX system. Also known as a "Private Branch Exchange", the cloud-based technology hosts all of the phone servers and connections through a secure high-speed internet connection. Learn about the ways a cloud PBX system can improve company workflow and eliminate a lot of the hassles associated with traditional phones.

15 September 2020

What Is Test Data Manangement, And Why Does It Matter?

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Paying a test data manager service provider to assist a company is an investment in the quality of the process it will use. It's important, however, to understand what TDM is and why you may want to seek out a test data management service. What Is TDM? Suppose you have a system that you wish to test, and it requires a great deal of data for validation. To conduct the tests, you'll need to use dummy data.

27 July 2020