Top Advantages Of Trucking Business Software For Your Small Trucking Company

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For a long time, trucking companies operated more with manual attention than technical. However, evolutions in business and internet technology have changed the way many companies see their operations play out on a day-to-day basis, and the trucking business is no different. If you own a small trucking business, investing in the right software can completely simplify your business management processes, from handling dispatching to keeping tabs on truck expenses. Plus, the trucking software is not as technical to integrate with current processes as you may think. Take a look at some of the greatest advantages you can reap with trucking software for your small trucking business:

Take direct control over fleet management. 

Even if your small trucking business only has a few vehicles, keeping up with all of those vehicles can be a big challenge. With a smaller number of office employees overseeing things like routes, repairs, and fueling, everything falls in your lap to keep tabs on. A good trucking software simplifies these tasks by pulling data from every vehicle and driver and placing it on one accessible interface. You can log into your computer system and see:

  • where every truck is located thanks to tracking
  • how long each truck has left on a delivery route
  • how much fuel has been used during the trip

Easier handle employee driving logs. 

Most good trucking softwares are designed with a driver-accessible portal that drivers can use while on a run to input their own information. This digital handling of logbook keeping helps you stay compliant and keep drivers from going over their allowable driving hours every day. Not only can the driver's input information electronically, you can quickly access driving logs as they are being put in for the day, so you can make adjustments to schedules and interact with drivers when things have to be changed. 

Simplify the process of office accounting processes. 

The trucking business, no matter how small, involves a lot of paperwork. From handling invoices for customer accounts to distributing payment receipts, you could easily get swamped in the inside accounting processes of the business. Trucking software can simplify these processes by pulling your accounting information into one place. Invoices can be generated automatically, data can be held for every customer, and you can even set up some software types to process online payments. Additionally, the software can keep tabs on insurance, wage, and fuel expenses to be recollected later on for tax purposes.  


17 September 2017

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