Improving Scanning Speeds With Your Piezo Scanner

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Piezo scanners are highly sensitive pieces of equipment used to scan three-dimensional objects in order to obtain information about the parameters of these objects. Piezo scanners, such as from nPoint, play a critical role in ensuring the accuracy of many industrial and manufacturing processes.

Being able to reduce the amount of time required to accurately scan an object using your piezo scanner can help you speed up production and increase your company's profitability in the future. Here are three tips that you can use to improve scanning speeds over time.

1. Invest in the right mounts.

Your piezo scanner relies on a few different mounts during each scan. The first mount is the one that connects the scanner to the microscope that you are using to examine the sample object. Mounts designed specifically for upright, inverted, and rotating microscopes are available. You should ensure that the mount you are using matches your microscope in order to improve scanning speeds.

The next mount you need to worry about is the mount holding the scanning tip. Different tips are used for different materials, and having the ability to quickly swap out these tips can improve your scanning speed. Invest in a versatile tip mount to help reduce scanning times in the future.

2. Purchase a joystick.

Operating your piezo scanner while it is in use can be challenging. In order to ensure an accurate scan, you need to operate the machine within a very specific set of parameters.

Investing in a joystick can be a simple and effective way to make the maneuvering of your piezo scanner easier in the future. A joystick console allows you the ability to make minor adjustments to the scanner's trajectory with ease, ensuring greater accuracy and reducing the overall amount of time required to complete each scan.

3. Use the right software.

A piezo scanner is typically programmed using a software program that allows you to set scanning parameters and capture valuable feedback about the objects you scan regularly. To ensure that your scanner is functioning at maximum speeds, you need to be using the right software program.

Avoid aftermarket software programs and opt to use the software provided by your piezo scanner's manufacturer. This will ensure compatibility between your scanner and your software program, eliminating time consuming glitches and read errors.

Being able to improve your scanning speeds by using the right mounts, investing in a joystick console, and using the manufacturer's software program will ensure your piezo scanner remains a valuable part of your production processes in the future.


18 September 2017

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