4 Tips For Improving The User Experience On Your Website

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When you are in the process of creating a website or re-evaluating your current design, it is important to consider user experience. There are common problems on websites that will create a poor experience for users and reflect negatively on your business.

Think Carefully About Advertising

Intrusive or annoying advertising remains a significant problem. Many websites find advertising is essential to the financial support of their business, but more people are using ad-blocking software because of bad experiences with ads. You might consider having a pop-up that encourages users to disable ad-blocking software, but you will need to build and maintain trust if a user deactivates their software. Keep advertisements simple and place them in locations that will easily gain attention, such as across the top of the website or in the upper-right corner. Limit your advertisements to reputable companies and be sure to double-check the code to look for any signs of malicious code that seeks to deceive users.

Avoid Surprise Video And Audio

If your website contains video and/or audio, users will be unhappy if it plays automatically. Since videos require significant data usage, most users want better control over when they decide to play a video, especially if they are on a mobile device. Additionally, sudden loud audio emitting from a computer or mobile device is not only startling, but can be embarrassing if your user happens to be in a public environment. The user should be in control and make the decision when they want to view a video or whether they would prefer to read the story rather than watch the accompanying video.

Keep Lengthy Information On One Page

Users generally prefer to scroll through a single page to read the entire article or list than to click "next" after reading a small amount of information. Many users are also aware this tactic is used to keep visitors on a website unnecessarily long and to gain extra views or impressions for advertisements. Try to keep lists and long content on a single page, but use paragraphs, bulleted lists, and formatting to break up the information so it is less overwhelming and easy to read for the web. This will also make it easier for users to see where the content ends, instead of inadvertently moving on to a different list or article when there is no clear demarcation between content.

Remember The Importance Of Speed

Most users can easily pinpoint when a particular website is unusually slow. Users generally will not wait more than a few seconds for a website to load and will be even more frustrated if your slow website is combined with difficult navigation or the need to click through multiple pages. The speed of your website is only as good as the amount of storage space and bandwidth you have. If your website needs to contain large amounts of video and graphics, you will need top-tier web hosting or even a private server to keep a positive user experience.

Avoiding common problems on your website will help users view your overall design and content more positively. Get help from a ui ux design service.


26 September 2017

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