Your Legal Practice: Marketing Mistakes


Your client work may be the most important thing for you if you're a lawyer. However, if you're working for yourself now and hope to keep getting those clients you work so hard for, you've got to begin thinking like a legal entrepreneur. In particular, you've got to hone marketing strategies so you have a steady flow of people contacting you who need help. What firm marketing mistakes could you be committing at this moment?

No Clear Client Targeting

Helping people could be what interested you in legal advocacy. However, many different legal issues and types of clients exist. Your marketing campaigns will be generic, unexciting and wholly ineffective if you attempt to attract and reach all people everywhere. You dilute your own message. Consider your favorite cases; consider your most regular-paying, pleasant clients. What are some common areas? For example, if you thoroughly enjoy estate planning for elderly parents, that may be where marketing dollars and focus must go. Your ads and materials will touch those people because you're crafting messages for them and not everyone. If others see those materials and are interested in you, that's fine too.

No Social Media

You might, personally and recreationally, be using social media. It may seem informal and not "serious enough" for you to conduct firm business on the same sites where you find recipes, post pictures of your culinary skills or disagree with friends over sports. However, recognize that companies--including high profile legal practices--are making social media a real part of advertising and marketing practices.

By posting articles, pictures and blurbs about your work, you help people become familiar with the firm.  Discovering your legal acuity and expertise, or even something simple like learning that they have the same sense of humor you do, can be enough motivation for someone to contact you rather than other attorneys when needed. You may already have a site; bring in traffic with regular posts and activity.

No Community Outreach

The people around you could require legal help without knowing that all they've got to do is visit you. By being a present and recognized person at school games, parades and community events, people can see you as a real person who cares instead of a number on a site or in a phonebook. You can sponsor different things in your community if you don't always have time to be there in person.

Simple marketing and outreach adjustments should provide some improvement to your firm's bottom line. Seek help from companies that do legal social media marketing; their help can boost the practice more.


17 August 2018

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