6 Features To Look For In Visual Configuration Software

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Visual configuration software is a tool that's regularly used by salespeople to help customers understand what they're buying. Some folks just need to see it before they get it, and the right visual configuration tool can make a dramatic difference for those customers. Here are 6 features you'll want to look for in a system.

1. Predetermined Models

Each potential configuration needs to be available to show on demand. That means your software should have the ability to store and display numerous predetermined configurations. Likewise, the changes have to appear in real-time as the salesperson talks with the customer about their needs. A feature for a product should snap in or disappear almost instantaneously because it's hard to have confidence in the product if the visual configuration software doesn't perform elegantly.

2. Budgeting

While it's easy to think about the visual component, each configuration should also reflect related budget projections. Customers can then quickly take notes drawing a connection between specific configurations and desired price points.

3. Feasibility Assessment

Especially if you're using visual configuration techniques in an engineering environment, you don't want to promise a customer something that might be unfeasible. At a minimum, the software needs to flag potential problems with a configuration. Ideally, the software won't display any configuration that isn't physically possible. Likewise, you don't want it to display a configuration that your operation can't deliver.

4. Intuitive Collaboration

It's one thing for a sales rep to whip something up on their laptop or tablet. It's quite another thing for the customer to take control of the process and start seeing what's possible. You want to have an intuitive interface that makes collaboration easy. This allows the customer to enjoy the configuration experience and indulge their whims. A customer will sometimes play around and find a setup they hadn't even considered, potentially turning the software into a stronger sales driver.

5. Output Options

You want to be able to leave a lasting image with the customer. That means you want a system that will easily produce output that a sales rep can email to a customer or even leave with them in printed form.

6. Customizability Overhead

However much power your current sales force needs, you want more than that. A good piece of software should leave you significant room to grow as product offerings expand. It should support more models and configurations than you currently offer, and the software should be snappy on your current hardware.

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8 December 2020

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