Parent Getting Older and Lives Alone? 2 Tips to Help Them Stay Safe in Their Home

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If you have a parent that is getting older and they live alone, you may be worried about their safety especially if they live far from you. If so, below are two options you have to keep your parent safe so you can feel better.

Install a Home Security System

One of the things you can consider is installing a home security system. There are different types of systems available. The best choice is a system that connects to the security company. This means if an alarm goes off the security company would be notified immediately and police, ambulance, etc. would be sent to your parent's home. 

There are wired and wireless home security systems. Wireless systems use a Wi-Fi signal and do not use phone lines. This will work well if your parent's Wi-Fi signal is strong and rarely goes out. This also allows your parent to use their smartphone, computer, tablet, etc. to see what is going on in their home if they are away.

There are also wired home security systems which would be best if your parent has problems with their Wi-Fi signal. These systems connect directly to the phone line. The only drawback is an intruder could easily cut the phone line outside to disable the alarm.

Have a security company install the system for you. They will put sensors on all entry points, such as doors and windows. They can teach your parent how to use the system, such as turning the alarm on and off, setting up a passcode, and more.

Make Changes Inside Their Home

Along with a home security system, you should make changes inside your parent's home. For example, put a non-slip strip in their bathtub to prevent them from slipping when getting in and out of the bathtub. The same thing goes for a shower if your parent has a standalone shower. If they have a bathtub and are finding it difficult to get in and out there are walk-in bathtubs that you can purchase to make things much easier for them. If your parent has problems standing for long periods of time, purchase a shower chair they can sit in while showering. 

If your parent has flooring that has no carpet, there is nonslip wax available that you can put on the floors to help prevent your parent from slipping. This is especially important in the bathroom. If your parent uses any throw rugs in their home remove them. If your parent has steps that they have to use every day put nonskid treads on the steps. Then, install a raised toilet in the bathroom as your parent will find it much easier to sit down and then stand up while using the bathroom. Install grab bars in the bathroom close to the toilet and in the shower.


6 May 2021

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