3 Important & Essential Cyber Security Tips

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It is easy to feel comfortable as you sit on your computer or phone, doing your work. However, no matter how comfortable you feel, the truth is that someone else may be out there, trying to hack into your device and steal your personal and business information. That is why cyber security is so important. Just because you can't see the threat doesn't mean it isn't out there waiting for you. 

Keep All Software Up to Date

Those annoying reminders that pop up on your computer, asking you to update your device to the latest version of the software, are there for an important reason. With almost every major software update for a device, updates are made that help to keep your device secure. Patches are installed that protect against ransomware and other vulnerabilities. By sticking with the old system software, you leave your device vulnerable to attacks. 

Turn on your device so that it automatically checks for system updates. Ensure any web browsers you use employs automatic security updates. Set a day each month to check and see that all the programs you use are up-to-date. Keeping things up-to-date helps keep you safe. 

Keep Your Passwords Strong

It is important to keep your passwords strong if you want to keep hackers away. When you create your passwords, keep them on the longer side. They don't have to be a completely random jumble of upper and lowercase letters, symbols, and numbers. What they really need to be is long. Create a long password that is memorable in some way to you, but not baked on easy-to-obtain personal information about your life. 

As tempting as it is, don't use the same password for different accounts. If someone breaks into one of your accounts, they can easily break into the rest when you use the same password. When you use different passwords for your different accounts, it is significantly harder for someone to break into your account. 

Turn on Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication may feel annoying, but it does add another layer of security. By having to do more than enter a username and password, you make it more complex for someone to hack your device. Multi-factor authentication can include such measures as entering a second password or a personal identification code. It can include verifying a sign-in link from an email account or your phone. Basically, it makes it twice as hard to get into your account by adding a second method of verification before account access is granted. 

At the very least, you should keep all your software up to date, keep your passwords strong, and use multi-factor authentication. If you have lots of files you are trying to keep safe, you should work with a security expert to figure out more advanced ways of protecting your business and business data. Your information matters and you want to do everything you can to keep it safe.  


12 April 2022

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