Why Bother Picking Specific IP Addresses?

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Of the many Internet Protocol (IP) address choices out there, why do some people, businesses, and other groups search for specific IP addresses? In some cases it's an issue of organizational ease, while many network engineers seek to avoid problematic IP addresses that could spell doom for traffic. Here are a few reasons that drive discerning network planners to choose (or avoid) specific addresses. Bad Traffic And Internet Wars Getting a new IP address out of the large sea of addresses is usually not a problem, but it's not unheard of to get an address that's in the middle of a disorganized internet war.

18 September 2017

Top Advantages Of Trucking Business Software For Your Small Trucking Company

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For a long time, trucking companies operated more with manual attention than technical. However, evolutions in business and internet technology have changed the way many companies see their operations play out on a day-to-day basis, and the trucking business is no different. If you own a small trucking business, investing in the right software can completely simplify your business management processes, from handling dispatching to keeping tabs on truck expenses. Plus, the trucking software is not as technical to integrate with current processes as you may think.

17 September 2017